Minimum Quantity Orders Table

Please see table below to see the minimum order quantity for your postcode. All minimum order quanities are based on 50KG Bags of Coal.

 Area Delivery (Postcodes) Order Quantity
BD21 2 Bags (100 KG)
BD22 3 Bags (150 KG)
BD16 and BD20 4 Bags (200 KG)
BD17 and BD18 5 Bags (250 KG)
BD2,BD9,BD10,BD13 and BD15 6 Bags (300 KG)
BD14 7 Bags (350 KG)
BD1, BD3, BD7, BD8 and LS29 8 Bags (400 KG)
BD4, BD5 and BD6 10 Bags (500 KG)
BD11 and BD12 15 Bags (750 KG)
BD19 20 Bags (1,000 KG)
Ready To Burn
Approved Coal Merchant
CPCS Qualified
FSB Members
Network Rail
PASMA Accredited
FSC Accredited